Its Funkin’ Tuesday Already!?

April 13, 2010

I wrote an entry about technology. Blogged, so very ironically, all about my generation’s crippling dependency on electronic devices and digitized social networks. I mused about losing our fathers, embracing big brother, and finding love outside ourselves. An entire segment of this increasingly vanilla global culture not only afraid of being alone, but clueless as to what that even means.

And then, of course, the WordPress App on my iPhone deleted the draft. entirely gone. 450+ words.

So it goes. Better luck next time.

There are a hundred other things I could expound and pontificate on, sure. But, instead, I’ll keep it short and sweet. Why? Because its funkin tuesday already!

Without further adieu, 26 minutes 59 seconds of funkin’ reggae to get you movin’.

It’s Funkin Tuesday Drop/ Audio Player. [[link]]


2 Responses to “Its Funkin’ Tuesday Already!?”

  1. EVula Says:

    Hell, I’m just impressed that you wrote a 450+ word entry on your iPhone. 🙂

    Actually, I’ve done stuff similar to that, but I just use the notepad app and then copy/paste it into whatever app it will eventually go into. Always backed up that way.

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