June 24, 2010

There is something to be said for compartmentalizing: the ability to separate emotions from logic and put things away for later. I, for one, almost completely lack this ability.

I think with my heart; I act on impulse; I demand instant answers and immediate resolutions. My emotional organization skills closely mirror those exhibited in the rest of my life– hardly short of a clusterfuck.

For the most part, bumbling through life with ones’ heart on ones’ sleeve (hat brim, front pocket, or wherever I put it) can be as much a saving grace as it is a downfall. Where it provides a welcome mat, it also provides a fault in the foundation.

It is as much an open door as it is an open wound.

Giving away the softest, most red raw part of ones’ self is risky business. Most people are careless with other’s belongings. This includes our naked thoughts, vulnerable ventricles, and uncensored souls.


2 Responses to “Stash”

  1. D Says:

    I think this I one of your better posts chica. Time to stop stressing if you’re any good. :-p You’ll start giving the rest of ’em an inferiority complex.

  2. Victor Says:

    girrl, you really seem to be nice!

    i mean, it’s a pity to think that I live here in Brazil. You certainly live in a place far enough to be almost impossible to see you someday.

    but that’s ok.

    very nice blog, i’m in love!

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