That’s Just Lovely.

July 30, 2010

I am a child in wonder at the constant ebb and flow of our lives.

While the earth revolves in science, humanity revolves in love. It’s a cycle. A circle. A collective pool of all that is good.

Although sometimes it seems hard to tap into this well, if we open our hearts we find some of it always trying to seep in. The more we contribute to this positive energy, the more we get back.

Usually when we least expect it.

At a time in my life where I feel certain about very few things, I find solace in knowing that love is real, strangers are friends, and family is all around. I have seen it, time and again. I feel it. Every day.

All this — this stuff and money, the work and bills, the routines and lines– all of it is made bearable to me only by the smiling faces, the hugs, and the little niceties of others. The sweet gestures, the kind words, and the joy we are capable of bringing into one another’s lives are the spiritual equivalent of sunshine and water. Some days our being may feel wilted, but if we stretch toward the light, nourishment is never far.


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